Email Outreach Tools: 5 Services Tested

Email Outreach Tools: 5 Services Tested

If you have ever organized or managed any type of email outreach campaign, chances are you have looked into the various types of services that offer solutions for automating this process, allowing you to simply set it up and let it go so that you only need to put your focus onto the positive engagement you receive. There are a multitude of different companies offering their solutions and services to this problem, making it hard to figure out which one is best to go with for your own needs.

In general, all of these email outreach tools perform the same basic task of taking an email template, taking a list of names and email addresses from some type of lead generation efforts, and periodically sending out emails to these addresses on a consistent basis over the course of a set period of time. The manner in which these services perform this outreach differs slightly but it essentially starts and ends with the same result. So how do you decide which of these services to go with?

At first glance, it seems like you could simply go with whatever option is the cheapest if they are all essentially the same but that isn’t exactly the case. Many of these services will have additional quality of life features on their platform or services that can make the process of handling your campaign much more simple and save you time during certain aspects of the campaign. Along with these quality of life features, some services can even offer preparation and domain warm up services to increase your deliverability throughout a campaign.

With all of these aspects of a service to consider when making a decision on where you run your campaign, we felt that it would be helpful for people to put together a reference resource for as many of these services as possible, based upon my past experiences utilizing these services to find out which service is best for my needs.

I will continue to update this blog post as time goes on, since there will most likely be situations in the future where I try out new services and want to document it here to compare to other services.



  • Automated Follow Ups
  • Live Campaign Management
  • Provided Cold Email Templates
  • Liquid Form Fills
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Zapier Integration

Price: $59/Month

Mailshake is an all in one sales engagement platform built for large and small sales teams alike. They offer essentially a one stop shop for handling all aspects of your outreach campaign, from setting up your inboxes, managing your team on the platform, and viewing the results of your campaigns all in one place. Their user interface is very sleek and simple, there is not a lot going on to distract you from the purpose in which you are using the service.

The biggest advantage of Mailshake is essentially how easy it is to use and get started with. Their beginning price point is $59 a month for a single user, with additional team members costing an additional $59 per month. For anyone getting started with cold email outreach, Mailshake is one of the best services to jump on with as you learn how the process works.



  • Real-time email tracking
  • Presentation tracking & analytics
  • Personal templates & reports
  • Send Later & Reminders
  • Built in Meeting Scheduler
  • 14 Day Free Trial

Price: $14/Month

Yesware is an all in one email outreach management toolkit useful in a wide variety of situations. Their service plugs directly into either a Gmail or Outlook inbox and allows you to streamline your workflow and productivity across a wide variety of use cases such as keeping track of emails sent, seeing who is and isn’t opening up the emails you are sending out, and allowing you to set up outreach campaigns with ease, all from within your inbox without having to navigate through an outside platform.

The biggest benefit I found to using Yesware was how they integrate directly into a gmail inbox. I personally found this very useful overall as everything is based in one single space. The primary feature that makes this service useful is their campaign management tools, as it guides you along as you set up your campaign and build your templates. Along with being easy to set up, Yesware offers integrations for Salesforce and Linkedin to assist you with populating your outreach lists with additional details to include within your outreach emails.

As for pricing, the starting package is $14 per user a month and that gives you access to the core features of the service. At this price point alongside their generous free trial, it is definitely worth giving it a shot for either campaign management or simply to use alongside your normal email habits.



  • Drip email campaigns
  • Auto follow-ups
  • Open, click & reply detection
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Out-of-office & Bounce detection
  • Zapier integration
  • Deliverability Reports

Price: $49/Month

Quickmail is a very simple and direct email automation and productivity tool that does exactly what their name implies. It allows you to quickly and easily set up and manage an email campaign. From their dashboard, you can easily manage all of your drip campaigns as well as keeping track of the analytics and statistics of your inboxes.

The most stand out features of Quickmail is their cold email customization options, allowing you to set time frames for when emails get sent out and followed up with, alongside live notifications, forecasting, and analytics to track the progress of your campaign. Quickmail also has a strong emphasis for team use, easily accommodating multiple users all under one single dashboard.

The primary appeal of Quickmail to me was how straight forward the service was, where they have tailored all of these tools and services specifically for email campaigns and make the process of managing an email campaign easy at any process. They also offer a 14 day free trial making it worth a try if you are in need of a more straight forward outreach service.



  • Auto email warm-up
  • Custom tracking domain
  • Automated sequences
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Video integration
  • Chat & Calendly integration

Price: $29/Month

Lemlist is an extensive email automation service that offers a wide variety of tools to boost your delivery rates as well as your domain reputation, alongside their primary service of handling email campaigns. What makes lemlist stand out from the rest of the other email automation tools out there are their email warmup and custom domain tracking services. These tools will take a newly formed domain created for your campaign, and automatically get it ready for email outreach by building up it’s domain reputation. This additional option makes the process of managing an email campaign even easier, as you would not need to worry about your outreach accounts getting blacklisted or your domain getting listed as a spam trap.

Overall, Lemlist is a very helpful service to utilize if you are planning to manage an outreach campaign for the future. All of their products are extremely helpful and can make the process of developing and running an email campaign much easier.



  • Email throttling & human-like sending
  • Advanced personalization
  • Reply, click & open tracking
  • Replies in your inbox
  • Automated follow-ups in thread
  • Duplicate detection
  • Team collaboration
  • Campaign progress monitoring

Price: $40/Month

Woodpecker is an intelligent email automation service that specializes in cold email outreach as well as keeping track of the activity of your emails inbox. Their service covers all the bases needed to manage a successful outreach campaign, as they have a fully featured followup response system to manage all responses to emails as well as keeping track of all the important statistics that you need to reference when building upon your campaign. They have an extensive API as well as all the important integrations you typically would use such as the Google Suite, Zoom, Zapier, and so on.

A big boost of confidence in their services is that they have a very large audience of users (over 2500 B2B companies), and their services reflect this confidence as my experience with them was very positive. Their pricing is also very affordable for what they offer at their lowest tier, as they have quite an extensive feature list on their pricing page. They are definitely worth a try if you are curious for a new solution for email automation.

In Conclusion

Email automation is one of the most efficient ways for companies or individuals to make the right connections and save themselves time when managing any aspect of sending out emails. With all the services that exist today, it can be difficult to decide on which service will work best for your needs but thankfully, there are plenty of good services to choose from for whatever your needs may be. No matter what you are doing with your email outreach, giving these services a try is definitely worth it.

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